Dec.23, 2016
Regular Season Schedule 2017

The rest of the regular season schedule has been posted. Playoff schedule and format will be posted sometime in January 2017.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!



Dec.9, 2016
Friday Night Games Cancelled

Due to inclement weather and driving conditions, the league is cancelling all games tonight (Friday December 9th). The games will be rescheduled in the new year. Please let your teammates know.




Oct.11, 2016
Female Changing Options

The following are the options available to females who wish to change in a different changing room. Unfortunately at this time, we are still working on a solution for Trout Lake.

Please arrive early to find the iceman just in case the rooms are not unlocked.

8pm, 9:30pm @ Trout – n/a

9:45pm @ Sunset – Concession Room available to use for females only (no shower)

9:45pm @ Britannia – Designated female change room (close to Zamboni gate)

10pm @ Trout – Use room 2 (public skate before and no rentals after), teams use rooms 1 & 3

9:15pm @ Killarney – Use extra referee room
9:45pm @ Hillcrest – Use extra referee room

6:15pm, 7:45pm, 9:15pm @ Trout – N/A

9:15pm @ Britannia – Designated female change room

10:30pm @ Kerrisdale – Use dressing room 3 or 4 (on the other side of the rink), teams use room 1 & 2

7:15pm, 8:45pm @ Trout – N/A

10:15pm @ Kitsilano - No solution for before the game, but if any females want to change/shower after the game they can move to one of the other dressing rooms (at this point there are no rentals after)

@ Killarney – Use extra referee room




Sept.16, 2016
VACHL Teams and Schedule Update (plus Rules Update)

Please make sure you familiarize yourself with our league rules. Our league differs from many other leagues and there are a number of rules that are specific to VACHL. If you have any specific questions, please talk to your team captain for clarification.

You can find your team assignment by clicking here.

The schedule for September is also available at this time. Click here or click "Schedule" on our top menu bar above. Basic text version here.

You will be contacted by your captain before your first game. As your custom jerseys may not be ready for a few weeks, please make sure you bring a white and a dark jersey with a number on the back so we can track your stats in the meantime.

As the season ramps up, please remember we are all here to have fun, and while it is nice to win, it is not worth putting someone else's life/livelihood at risk. Play hard, but play with respect for one another.

Below you will find an open letter to all VACHL players written by one of our players who was seriously injured in an accident at the tail end of last season. Please take 2 minutes to read it.

Just a reminder; the league has the right to remove players from the league if they do not play in the spirit of good sportsmanship and whom we feel pose a risk to the safety of other participants.

I didn’t feel like writing this.  I felt lazy and irritated and too busy to bother; but then obligation set in.  It was a nagging but encouraging lump that urged me to say something.  It was only fair.  I didn’t want anyone to have to go through what I’ve had to deal with for the last 14 weeks.

I love hockey.  I love talking and laughing in the dressing room before and after a game.  I love skating and passing and scoring goals.  It rules.

I played hockey as a kid.  I joined VACHL in my adult years about 7 years ago.  It was a fun beginner league and there were very few incidents or accidents.  It felt as if all the players on both teams were old buddies where you feel competitive but as you played, your buddy was always your buddy.  As the years have gone on, my teammates and I have noticed that there has been a shift.  Players have become chippy, aggressive and oddly overly competitive. 

On March 6th, we were playing a playoff game when I clearly skated past a defenseman and he tripped me.  I fell on the ice and he apologized directly after.  I accepted his apology although it didn’t sit well with me.  “Yeah, but he still did it.” I thought to myself as I got up and skated back to the bench.  His intention was to trip me even after I skated past him.  Anyhow, I shrugged it off and kept playing.  Two shifts later, I skated down the same wing, blew by the same defenseman again; only this time I was skating pretty fast.  He tripped me again.  This time I wasn’t so lucky.  I flew into the boards, feet first and smashed my leg right into the end boards.  The pain was like no other.  I have broken other bones before and they all paled in comparison to this.  It went freezing cold inside my bone and felt as if someone was taking a sledge hammer to my shin and bashing it over and over and over.  And when I tried to move, it felt like my shin was walking on hard packed crunchy snow. 

I shattered my tibia and fractured the bone from ankle to knee. 

I had major surgery as the surgeon noted that the bone wasn’t just fractured or broken but shattered.  The surgeon installed plates, screws, staples, rods.   I was held up in the hospital for a full week.

The worst was the pain. And I can handle pain.  Two years ago, I broke my jaw by taking a puck to my face during warm up and played the entire game.  I rarely take pharmaceutical pain pills but this shattered tibia pain was on a totally different level.  I was on 48 mg of hydromorphone every day; for 2.5 months.  And not because they were enjoyable.  I wish.  I would have to count down the moments before I could take my next dose. 

Surgeon says no weight bearing for a MINIMUM of 3 months.  No touching my foot to the floor for 3 full months.  This was quite hard to hear as I enjoy the ability to walk.   

It has been tough for me to work as I can’t leave the house for more than 2 hours without my leg filling up with blood and feels like it’s going to burst.  And I am self-employed so if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.  My wife is a self-employed as well and she hasn’t been able to work as much as she’s had to take care of me.  I can’t do anything around the house.  I can’t walk downtown or to the park.  I’ve had to rent a wheelchair, purchase special toilet seats, transfer benches, crutches, Air Casts, pills and shit load of physio, time, money, pain and headaches.

I didn’t write this to celebrate a pity party for myself.  I am not interested in pity.  I am writing this so I can try to avoid what happened to me, happen to you.  It has been so frustrating.  I am hoping that this letter will give you an idea of the collateral damage our actions have.  I know the defenseman who tripped me didn’t mean for all of this to happen.  This is exactly why I felt it necessary to write.  Sometimes, we don’t think.  Hockey is fun and aggressive but it doesn’t have to be dangerous.  We have the obligation to take care of each other; not hurt one another.  If someone is skating close to the boards, don’t give them an extra push or a stick.  If someone is skating mid ice and he make a move past you, don’t try to get a piece of him with your leg or knee.  It’s really not much to ask. 

VACHL is a low level Co Ed adult beer league.  None of us should have to worry about getting injured.  We can’t afford to hurt each other. 

- Zamir Kassam




Sept.7, 2016
VACHL Player Evaluations

The season is almost under way. We are holding player evaluations for players who are new to the league. We are running icetimes from Thursday-Sunday. If you have not been contacted yet regarding an evaluation icetime, please email us at

The league is set to start on Friday, September 16th. The schedule and rosters will be posted early next week, after the player evaluations have taken place.

Check back here next week for your team assignment and schedule.


June.14, 2016
VACHL Registration

VACHL registration begins online/phone/in-person today, Tuesday, June 14th. Please note something that is new this year; there are 2 separate programs you can register for:

NEW PLAYER:                68759    $630 (price includes jersey)

RETURNING PLAYER:      68761    $575 (does not include a jersey)

Enrollments for both activities are connected to share the MAXIMUM number for enrollment in the league.  

If returning players are needing a new jersey, please register as a “New Player”.

Use the following link to go to the Vancouver Parks Board Registration website. You can use the activity numbers above to search for the registration page for VACHL.


Apr.4, 2016
VACHL Final Results

Congratulations to this season's winning teams. Here are the final standings for the 2015-2016 season!

Division A
Fighting Fish

Division B
Billy & the Boingers

Division C
Cutting Edges
Cobra Kai
Skaters Gonna Skate

Division D

Division E
Agent Orange

Division F
Acme Hockey Club
Red Army
Angry Pirates


January 14th, 2017

#13 Mackenzie Yamamoto - Knights

1 Game Suspension for reaching 30 Pim Threshold. Return to play Saturday, Jan.28.
January 14th , 2017

#14 Jeff Levitt - Blades

1 Game Suspension for reaching 30 Pim Threshold. Return to play Sunday, Jan.29.
January 13th , 2017

#42 Chris Harris - Redshirts

4 Game Suspension for Match Penalty (Kicking) + 1 Game Suspension for reaching 30 Pim Threshold. Suspended until further notice, pending review of eligibility for the league (2 suspensions this season).
January 7th , 2017

#44 Peter Esser - Tamahawks

1 Game Suspension for reaching 30 Pim Threshold. Return to play Sunday, Jan.22.
December 3rd, 2016

#61 Brent Fengler - Knights

1 Game Suspension for Gross Misconduct. Return to play Friday Jan.6.
December 3rd, 2016

#31 Brad Sieben - Knights

3 Game Suspension for Fighting Major + 1 Game Suspension for reaching 30 Pim Threshold. Suspended until further notice, pending review of eligibility for the league (2nd suspension this season).
December 3rd, 2016

#61 Mark Clayton - Fighting Fish

1 Game Suspension for reaching 30 Pim Threshold. Suspended until further notice, pending review of eligibility for the league (2nd suspension this season).
December 3rd, 2016

#16 Derrick Cheung - Fighting Fish

5 Game Suspension for Fighting Major + Instigating Fight. Return to play Saturday Feb.4.
November 30th, 2016

#11 Tyler Gilowski - Cutting Edges

1 Game Suspension for reaching 30 Pim Threshold. Return to play Saturday Dec.10.
November 26th, 2016

#89 Tommy Lafleur - Replicants

1 Game Suspension for reaching 30 Pim Threshold. Return to play Sunday Dec.11.
November 4th, 2016

#13 Mackenzie Yamamoto - Knights

1 Game Suspension for 12 Minute Misconduct at game end. Return to play Tuesday Nov.22.
November 4th, 2016

#72 Sahil Mahindru - Decepticons

1 Game Suspension for 12 Minute Misconduct at game end. Return to play Friday Nov.18.
October 20th, 2016

#1 Nick Gaudaur - Warriors

1 Game Suspension for 12 Minute Misconduct at game end. Return to play Sunday Nov.6 (suspension delay).
September 25th, 2016

#61 Mark Clayton - Fighting Fish

1 Game Suspension for Major Penalty - Elbowing, return to play Wednesday Oct.12.
April 3rd, 2016

#14 Jeff Levitt - Blades

1 Game Suspension for 15pim, return to play Game 2 2016-2017 Season.

March 10th, 2016

#31 Brad Sieben - Knights

1 Game Suspension for 15pim;
2 Game Suspension for Match Penalty - Charging; return to play Game 2 2016-2017 Season.


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