VACHL D 2018-19 Playoff Schedule
Round Robin Home Away All teams will play a total of 5 games (3 Round Robin and 2 playoff games)
Sat Feb 16   9:15 PM   Britannia   NoDekes 3 Redshirts 1
Sun Feb 17   7:00 PM   Trout Lake   Blueliners 3 Decepticons 9 1) Teams will be divided into 2 Groups (A and B) based on regular season standings.  
Sun Feb 17   8:30 PM   Trout Lake   Stealth 0 Jagrbombs 4
              Group A will have #1,4,6
Sat Feb 23   9:15 PM   Britannia   Redshirts 3 Blueliners 4 Group B will have #2,3,5
Sun Feb 24   5:30 PM   Britannia   Jagrbombs 5 NoDekes 1
Sun Feb 24   10:30 PM   Killarney   Decepticons 6 Stealth 3 2) Teams will play 3 round robin games.
        2 games will be within the group with 1 cross-over game with other group (1v5, 2v6, 3v4).
Sun Mar 3   7:00 PM   Trout Lake   NoDekes 2 Blueliners 2 ** Round Robin games will only have 4v4 sudden-death overtime (no shootout)
Sun Mar 3   8:30 PM   Trout Lake   Stealth 0 [F] Redshirts 3
Mon Mar 4   9:30 PM   Trout Lake   Decepticons 3 Jagrbombs 4
3) Teams are then ranked by points (2pt win, 0pt loss, 1pt OTL, SOL) within their group.  
Tue Mar 12 1 9:45 PM   Sunset   NoDekes 6 [SO] Decepticons 5
Wed Mar 13 2 9:45 PM   Britannia   Jagrbombs 1 Blueliners 2 [SO] 4) The Medal Rounds: The 1st ranked teams from each pool will faceoff with the 2nd 
ranked team in the opposite group in the semi-finals.
Classification Playoffs [Best of 2* for 5th place]
Mon Mar 11   9:30 PM   Trout Lake   Redshirts 0 Stealth 7 GroupA #1 vs GroupB #2 (Semi-final 1)
Sun Mar 17   11:30 AM   Britannia   Stealth   Redshirts   GroupB #1 vs GroupA #2 (Semi-final 2)
Finals 3rd Place The winners of the above two games will play for 1st while the losers will play for 3rd.
Sun Mar 17   1:00 PM   Britannia   Decepticons   Jagrbombs  
Finals 1st Place 5) Classification Games: 3rd place team of each pool will play in a 2 game mini-series 
Sun Mar 17   2:30 PM   Britannia   NoDekes   Blueliners  
Classification Series Notes:
** If the series is tied 1-1 after regulation time of Gm2, we will have a 5 min "mini-game 3" (not sudden death)
** 3-player shootout if still tied after "mini-game 3" to determine the winner of the series
** If the series is tied 1-1 after OT or shootout of Gm2, we go to a "mini-game 3" or 
immediately to 3-player shoot-out to determine winner, time permitting
** If a game ends in a tie during the medal/classification rounds, there will be a 4v4
sudden-death overtime (changes on the fly only), 
followed by a 3 player shootout (teams can repeat shooters once 1 team's roster has cycled through)
General Playoff Notes:
Goalie subs must obtain league approval before playing.
PIM Threshold for playoffs is 15PIM. 
Once reached, players will be suspended 1 game or rest of playoffs/season
if it is their 2nd suspension of the season.