VACHL League Programmer: Susy Bando

VACHL League Coordinator: Isaac Chong

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VACHL registration begins online/phone/in-person today, Tuesday, June 14th. Please note something that is new this year; there are 2 separate programs you can register for:

NEW PLAYER:                68759    $630 (price includes jersey)

RETURNING PLAYER:      68761    $575 (does not include a jersey)

Enrollments for both activities are connected to share the MAXIMUM number for enrollment in the league.  

If returning players are needing a new jersey, please register as a “New Player”.




VACHL league rules are designed to ensure safety of players and enjoyment of the game. Without getting too technical, here is an overview of VACHL's rules and procedures (if you need clearification, please email All normal in game penalties (ie. hooking, tripping, high-sticking, slashing, etc.) are enforced but not listed here.

*** Aggressive play is STRICTLY enforced (ie. contact, especially along the boards). Pinning and using your body to gain position is allowed as it is part of the game, but throwing your weight, clutching, and hooking is not.

*** Majors: Any major penalty will result in an ejection with a Game Misconduct AND minimum 1 game suspension (depending on the severity). Two majors in a season constitutes banishment from the league without refund.

*** Fighting/Attempt to Injure: Any fighting or attempt to injure will result in a Match Penalty with a Game Misconduct AND minimum 3 games suspension (depending on the severity). One Match penalty in a season constitutes banishment from the league without refund. VACHL has built a "clean" reputation and plans to maintain it. Players pay to have fun and not to get injured.

*** Stick infractions (specifically: cross-checking, slashing, spearing, butt-ending, high-sticking) will result in a minimum 6 min running time penalty (although treated as a double minor, will only count as 1 penalty toward 3 penalty ejection rule).

*** Hacking/slashing the goalie after he/she clearly has the puck covered in an attempt to jar the puck loose (whistle blown or not) will result in a 3 min penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct at official's discretion.

*** Unsportsmanlike conduct : trashing talking or taunting opponents, arguing with refs, or any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a minor (3 min), a misconduct (12 min), and/or a game ejection. Participation in the league/game is a privilege, not a right, so please play with sportsmanship and respect for your opponents and the officials.

*** A high-sticking penalty that results in blood drawn is an automatic major (7 min) with a game ejection. The League will review the game report and hand out a suspension, if necessary.

*** 3 penalties in a game = game ejection, and possibly further discipline. Players ejected from the game must retire to the dressing and remain off the playing surface, including the bench.

*** Any contact to the head of an opponent with any part of player's body or equipment is an automatic major (7 min) with a game misconduct. The League will review the game report and hand out a suspension, if necessary.

*Note: 12 min Misconducts apply to 3 penalty rule with exception, a 3 min Unsportsmanlike and a 12 min Misconduct may be assessed with or without a game ejection. Without game ejection, one more penalty would result in an automatic game ejection ("3 penalties").

*Note: Penalties served as bench minors (i.e. Too many men) or for others (ex. goalie) do not count toward the 3 penalty ejection rule for the serving individual.

*** If a player is to reach 30 PIM over the course of the season, they will automatically be suspended 1 game and eligibility for the league will be reviewed. Penalties served for team (bench minors) or goalie will be logged and not counted toward individual PIM total.

Any of the following action(s) will constitute instant lifetime banishment from the league without refund:
a) 2 majors/suspensions in a season
b) Physical abuse or serious verbal threat of a ref(s) or player(s) on or off the ice;
c) Third man in or jumping off the bench during an altercation;
d) Property damage of the rink facilities or other players' belongings;
e) Suspended player playing or player that is not on the team's roster.
* These rules are for the safety of the players.



  • ***Any player to receive a 12 minute Misconduct penalty in the last 12 minutes of the game will serve an automatic 1 game suspension.
  • During a game, if a referee calls a game misconduct, gross misconduct, match penalty or fighting penalty, the referee(s) will write up the incident with as much detail as possible and forward this to the League Coordinator.  The referee is only responsible for calling the penalties.  Referees do not hand out suspensions. The player in question will be suspended from league play until further notice.
  • The League Coordinator will inform the League Management team, (consisting presently of the Britannia and Kerrisdale arena programmers) to discuss the incident and recommend that the normal course of suspension should follow OR explain if there are other circumstances that need to be taken into consideration that would warrant a suspension outside the realm of the "norm".
  • The League Management team will issue the suspension, to be given out by the League Coordinator.  The League Coordinator will contact the appropriate captains separately, to inform them of the suspension as well as directly contacting the suspended player.
  • *** If the League Coordinator is present at games, he can also write up a game report for major penalties that the referees may have missed, and players can be suspended for actions not caught or seen by referees, even if said player is able to finish the game.
If after a suspension has been imposed, a team wishes to appeal that suspension, the following procedures should be followed:
  • The team captain will send in writing the reason for the appeal.  Included should be the details of the game, (i.e. date, time, reason for the appeal).  It is imperative that as many details as possible are included, but that you are specific, factual and to the point.
  • The Suspension review team which consists of the League Management Team, in conjunction with the League Coordinator, Head Referee and Vancouver Park Board Stanley District Recreation Coordinator will review all information provided.  At this point, the captain of the opposing team may be contacted for their account regarding this incident.
  • The Suspension review team will vote to make a decision on the appeal.  Once a decision has been made, the League Coordinator will notify each of the Team Captain's separately of the decision that is made.


- Visiting team provides scoresheet at games
- The minimum number of skaters to start a game is 5 plus a goalie. If a team is unable to field a team, at anytime during the game (i.e. penalty trouble, etc.), they will forfeit the game, with the official score being 3-0.


***5 mins warmups
***3 X 20 mins running periods
***1 min break each period (teams switch ends after each period)
***final 2 mins of play is stoptime IF the score is within 2 goals. If a scorekeeper is unavailable, it is responsibility of the away team to work the clock.
***if tied, OT - Running 5min (or less), 5 vs 5, changes on the fly ONLY
*** Our game ends when our icetime ends, regardless of how much time is left on the scoreclock.
*** Game clock for 3rd period / overtime will be adjusted for time left in our ice slot


*** Blue-line icing

*** Quick faceoffs (make your line changes between whistles quick), refs will drop the puck regardless if the centreman is ready.

*** Timeouts: one 30 sec timeout once per game. Timeouts stop the time, no timeouts in OT

*** Crease rule. The refs will stop the play if an opposing player enters or stays within the crease without the puck.

*** Slapshots: back swing has to be below waist. "Fake" slapshots above the waist will also be blown down. Infraction will result in a faceoff in offending team's zone.

*** High-sticks on the puck will result in a faceoff in the offending team's zone (stoppage only if offending team gains possession after high-stick contact)

*** Any time a goalie is hit directly in the helmet/mask by the puck, the play will be stopped immediately by the official.

*** If players lose their helmet during the game, the play will immediately be blown down and stopped by the referee. The player with the helmet dislodged will need to be substituted by a new player.

*** If you drop your glove, you must pick it up right away. If you continue play without a glove you will be assessed a minor penalty for "illegal equipment"

*** Players are required to keep their helmets on at all times while on the playing surface. This includes after the game and during the handshake. Any player who has their helmet off at the conclusion of the game will be assessed a misconduct and will receive an automatic 1 game suspension.
*** This rule also applies to goaltenders. You may pull your mask up to drink water inbetween plays, etc. but your mask must remain on during handshakes, etc. until you get off the ice.

End of season, teams are ranked by points (2pt win, 1pt tie, 1pt OTL) within their division.  Tie breakers are:
i) head to head
ii) total wins
iii) goal differential

All teams will play a total of 5 games (3 Round Robin and 2 playoff games)

1) Teams will play three round robin games against the other teams in the division (regular season rules).

2) Teams are then ranked after round robin by points (2pt win, 0pt loss, 1pt OTL).  The tie breaker in the round robin standings is:
i) head to head
ii) total wins
iii) regular season standings


3) The Medal Rounds: The 1st ranked team will play against the 4th ranked. 2nd ranked team will play 3rd.
#1 vs #4
#2 vs #3

The winners of the above two games will play for "1st" while the losers will play for "3rd".

All teams will play a total of 5 games (3 Round Robin and 2 playoff games)

1) Teams will be divided into 2 Pools (A and B) based on regular season standings.  
Pool A will have #1,3,5
Pool B will have #2,4,6

2) Teams will play two round robin games against own pool plus one crossover game (1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6).

3) Teams are then ranked by points (2pt win, 0pt loss, 1pt OTL) within their group.  The tie breaker in the round robin standings are:
i) head to head
ii) total wins
iii) regular season standings


4) The Medal Round: The 1st ranked teams from each pool will play against the 2nd ranked team in the opposite group in the semi-finals.
GroupA #1 vs GroupB #2 (Semi-final 1)
GroupB #1 vs GroupA #2 (Semi-final 2)

The winners of the above two games will play for "1st" while the losers will play for "3rd".

5) Classification Games: The 3rd ranked teams of each pool will play against each other for "5th" in a 2 games series.

** If a game ends in a tie during the medal/classification rounds, there will be a 5v5 OT (time permitting) followed by a 3-player shootout. 
** Round Robin games will only have 5v5 OT (time permitting)

Full gear is MANDATORY - no exceptions. Players will not be allowed to participate in the game if equipment requirements are not met, please see below.

VACHL requires a minimum half shield with mouthguard or cage w/o mouthguard for facial protection.

Equipment (which includes helmets, cages, gloves, etc) cannot be modified in any way. Players with equipment that have been altered or is not suitable for ice hockey will not be allowed to participate in the game.

Ex. Shoulder pads are required to participate. Modified shoulder pads are not allowed (ex. shoulder caps removed, etc.).



Britannia Arena

1661 Napier Street, Vancouver BC, V5L 4X4
Ph: 604-718-5800
** Defibrillator located behind scorekeeper's box


Hillcrest Ice Rink

4575 Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 2M4
Ph: 604-257-8680
** Defibrillator located between player's bench and dressing rooms


Kerrisdale Arena

5670 East Boulevard, Vancouver BC, V6M 3V2
Ph: 604-257-8121
** Defibrillator located


Killarney Arena

6260 Killarney St, Vancouver BC, V5S 2X7
Ph: 604-718-8200
** Defibrillator located behind scorekeeper's box


Kitsilano Arena

2690 Larch St, Vancouver BC
Ph: 604-257-6983
** Defibrillator located behind players benches


Sunset Ice Rink

404 East 51st Avenue, Vancouver BC, V5X 1C7
Ph: 604-718-6517


Trout Lake Arena

3360 Victoria Dr, Vancouver BC, V5N 4M5
Ph: 604-257-6955
** Defibrillator located on wall beside skate concession



Sport Exchange - They mass buy so there are bargains to be found
Sport Chek - Look for sales!
Cyclone Taylors - Oak/49th Ave, Richmond Ice Centre- good selection of all equipment
Scoff's Hockey Shop - Burnaby
8 Rinks - Last resort!, open late
The Hockey Shop - Great selection, located in Surrey

OTHER LINKS - NHL Website - Sports highlights

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