VACHL 2019-2020 Schedule
Date Rink Time Home Away
Tue 10-Sep-19 Sunset 9:45pm NoDekes Wolverines
Thu 12-Sep-19 Trout Lake 10:00pm Crunch Lumberjacks
Fri 13-Sep-19 Killarney 9:15pm Blueliners Wolfpack
Fri 13-Sep-19 Hillcrest 9:45pm Sandstorm Replicants
Sat 14-Sep-19 Trout Lake 6:15pm Angry Pirates Aviators
Sat 14-Sep-19 Trout Lake 7:45pm Phantoms Fishsticks
Sat 14-Sep-19 Trout Lake 9:15pm Knights Decepticons
Sat 14-Sep-19 Kerrisdale 10:30pm Hornets Jagrbombs
Sun 15-Sep-19 Trout Lake 7:30pm Red Army Darkside
Sun 15-Sep-19 Trout Lake 9:00pm Redshirts Blades
Sun 15-Sep-19 Kitsilano 10:15pm Skaters Gonna Skate Stealth
Sun 15-Sep-19 Killarney 10:30pm Warriors Agent Orange
Mon 16-Sep-19 Trout Lake 8:00pm Predators Chiefs
Mon 16-Sep-19 Trout Lake 9:30pm Cobra Kai Direwolves
Tue 17-Sep-19 Sunset 9:45pm Billy & the Boingers Tamahawks
Thu 19-Sep-19 Trout Lake 10:00pm Blueliners Replicants
Fri 20-Sep-19 Killarney 9:15pm Blades Angry Pirates
Fri 20-Sep-19 Hillcrest 9:45pm Stealth Redshirts
Sat 21-Sep-19 Trout Lake 6:15pm Wolverines Knights
Sat 21-Sep-19 Trout Lake 7:45pm Tamahawks Sandstorm
Sat 21-Sep-19 Trout Lake 9:15pm Chiefs Warriors
Sat 21-Sep-19 Kerrisdale 10:30pm Lumberjacks Cobra Kai
Sun 22-Sep-19 Trout Lake 7:30pm Direwolves Billy & the Boingers
Sun 22-Sep-19 Trout Lake 9:00pm Agent Orange Predators
Sun 22-Sep-19 Kitsilano 10:15pm Wolfpack NoDekes
Sun 22-Sep-19 Killarney 10:30pm Aviators Darkside
Mon 23-Sep-19 Trout Lake 8:00pm Jagrbombs Crunch
Mon 23-Sep-19 Trout Lake 9:30pm Decepticons Hornets
Tue 24-Sep-19 Sunset 9:45pm Fishsticks Red Army
Thu 26-Sep-19 Trout Lake 10:00pm Phantoms Skaters Gonna Skate
Fri 27-Sep-19 Killarney 9:15pm Lumberjacks Direwolves
Fri 27-Sep-19 Hillcrest 9:45pm Warriors Predators
Sat 28-Sep-19 Trout Lake 6:15pm Replicants Tamahawks
Sat 28-Sep-19 Trout Lake 7:45pm Stealth Red Army
Sat 28-Sep-19 Trout Lake 9:15pm Hornets Wolverines
Sat 28-Sep-19 Kerrisdale 10:30pm Billy & the Boingers Chiefs
Sun 29-Sep-19 Trout Lake 7:30pm NoDekes Blueliners
Sun 29-Sep-19 Trout Lake 9:00pm Blades Skaters Gonna Skate
Sun 29-Sep-19 Kitsilano 10:15pm Crunch Decepticons
Sun 29-Sep-19 Killarney 10:30pm Fishsticks Angry Pirates
Mon 30-Sep-19 Trout Lake 8:00pm Cobra Kai Agent Orange
Mon 30-Sep-19 Trout Lake 9:30pm Knights Wolfpack
Tue 1-Oct-19 Sunset 9:45pm Sandstorm Jagrbombs
Thu 3-Oct-19 Trout Lake 10:00pm Redshirts Darkside
Fri 4-Oct-19 Killarney 9:15pm Phantoms Aviators
Fri 4-Oct-19 Hillcrest 9:45pm Agent Orange Lumberjacks
Sat 5-Oct-19 Trout Lake 6:15pm Skaters Gonna Skate Red Army
Sat 5-Oct-19 Trout Lake 7:45pm Chiefs Cobra Kai
Sat 5-Oct-19 Trout Lake 9:15pm Predators Billy & the Boingers
Sat 5-Oct-19 Kerrisdale 10:30pm Direwolves Warriors
Sun 6-Oct-19 Trout Lake 7:30pm Phantoms Stealth
Sun 6-Oct-19 Trout Lake 9:00pm Darkside Angry Pirates
Sun 6-Oct-19 Kitsilano 10:15pm Blueliners Tamahawks
Sun 6-Oct-19 Killarney 10:30pm Jagrbombs Replicants
Mon 7-Oct-19 Trout Lake 8:00pm Aviators Blades
Mon 7-Oct-19 Trout Lake 9:30pm Redshirts Fishsticks
Tue 8-Oct-19 Sunset 9:45pm Wolfpack Hornets
Thu 10-Oct-19 Trout Lake 10:00pm NoDekes Knights
Fri 11-Oct-19 Killarney 9:15pm Decepticons Sandstorm
Fri 11-Oct-19 Hillcrest 9:45pm Wolverines Crunch